• Teaching the fundamental skills of life

    We provide individualized behavioral and therapeutic support for individuals and families to achieve their personal, professional, and familial goals.

  • Our Mission

    Maximizing the learning and potential of our clients through customized therapeutic and behavioral support

    At Docens, our mission is to maximize the potential of our client’s lives through personalized treatment plans that address each and every difficulty experienced. Every day, our professionals work with clients to provide tailored support to address a client’s identified need. Through one-on-one support, Docents teach our clients each and every skill necessary to obtain both short and long term goals. We address social, interpersonal, pragmatic, and professional needs as they occur.

  • Our Clients

    Supporting unique individuals and families across the globe

    Who We Serve

    Docens provides the highest standard of behavioral and mental health support for individuals and families. We work with individuals at every skill level and developmental stage. Docens does not limit our support to any age group or location; we work with children, adolescents, adults, and families across the world.

    Where We Serve

    At Docens, we believe that long-term change should take place in the settings our clients occupy. Our dedicated team supports clients in their natural environments, wherever they may be. We work in all settings — whether institutional, private or public — to provide boundless support. Each team member is specifically selected and matched to ideally serve the diverse needs of our clients.

  • Our Approach

    Personal change begins with the details of everyday life

    At Docens, we believe the best way to change thoughts, feelings, and behavior is to teach our clients in real-time. Every client is provided with a mental health professional to address each moment of their day-to-day living, assisting in cognitive processing and behavior modification. Change occurs in real-time conversations, habits, and actions through the use of treatment plans and daily progress reports/feedback from our professionals.


    Docens’ systematic and metric-based treatment teaches our clients to master and generalize the necessary skills for personal success. Our clients are supported through every stage of process with the highest standard of continuous, comprehensive and compassionate service.

  • Our Values

    What drives us to help

    Our staff of Docents is comprised of extremely dedicated and compassionate mental health professionals. Each docents is trained in and practices clinically ethical treatment.


    At Docens, we practice in strategically formed teams, and team members are in constant communication with one another to ensure the treatment is implemented effectively and ethically. Furthermore, we value the work conducted by other treatment professionals involved in our clients lives, and strive to work in collaboration with these professionals to ensure consistency and efficacy.


    Additionally, at Docens our clients always come first. We work at all hours and in all environments to ensure we are meeting the needs of every individual.