• What We Do

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  • Our Programs

    At Docens, we believe that mental health support should extend beyond traditional settings and subjects to address all of life’s difficulties. Docens believes that everyone can meet the demands and trials of their individual lives when afforded proper support, structures and strategies.

    We work through our client’s everyday lives to shape habits for better outcomes. We teach our clients to address their daily experiences utilizing the skills taught to them by their Docent.

    Our team members work devotedly to devise plans ideally matched for the unique complexities of each client’s life. Each client is guided through their personalized plan to ensure execution with the utmost efficacy.

  • Behavioral Support

    Docents guide our clients through individualized learning modules and real-time applications designed to build key skills. Docents partner with their clients in their natural environments, addressing behavior whenever and wherever it emerges.

    Through one-on-one instruction, Docens teaches our clients each and every skill necessary for meeting their goals. Docents guide their clients through evidence-based methods for building long-term behaviors and a better lifestyle.

    We work systematically, to instruct our clients on every aspect of shaping behavior: from mastering a new skill, to sustaining a habit, to eliminating problematic language.

  • Therapeutic Support and Services

    Mental health at home

    With a team overseen exclusively by licensed professional counselors and social workers, Docens offers premiere counseling and therapeutic services.

    At Docens, we believe in comprehensive, holistic and well-integrated support. Our clients may receive counseling in conjunction with their Docens program, or exclusive of behavioral support. Clients may also work with their Docent as an extension or addition to existing therapeutic care.

    In uniting behavioral and therapeutic services, Docens provides comprehensive support for all aspects of personal well being.

  • Executive Functioning Support

    As the term connotes, executive functioning entails many of the skills and tasks necessary for personal effectiveness. Whether a client has received a diagnosis of ADHD, related disorders or has no diagnosis, we teach the skills they need for success, including but not limited to:

    • Planning and prioritization
    • Meeting professional, academic or personal demands
    • Improving timeliness
    • Developing organization systems
    • Increasing personal competency
    • Building cognitive stamina
    • Increasing mental and behavioral flexibility
    • Increasing attention span and diving and shifting attention
    • Improving follow through
  • Social Skills Building

    Social skills must evolve to meet success at each juncture. Whether a client struggles with interaction, group dynamics, is contending with new or complex social demands, we provide focused instruction and real-time support for social fluidity.

    Peer-matched Docents join our clients wherever they may go, to provide step-by-step feedback. Through in-vivo and remote support, our clients learn strategies for:

    • Achieving interpersonal efficacy
    • Adapting engagement approaches to suit individual environments
    • Developing a repertoire of conversational content
    • Optimizing vocal characteristics such as tone, volume and cadence
    • Reading and commanding a room
  • Learning Differences

    For clients who experience learning differences, we provide optimized support and individualized learning. Our programs establish and increase structure to facilitate adaptive behavioral development.

    Our Docents create comprehensive schedules and routines, centered on client’s skills-building. Progress is tracked and facilitated through graduated goals. As clients excel, and master new skills for independence, new goals are set.

    Services We Provide

    • Behavioral programs for improving increasing independence
    • Individual counseling
    • ABA therapy
    • Curricula-based skills building
    • Strategies for independent living skills development
    • Strategies for decreasing social anxiety
    • Strategies for addressing noncompliance and oppositional behavior
    • Language and behavior substitutions for replacing maladaptive interactions, attitudes, communication and choices
    • Integrated support in collaboration with clients’ psychiatrists, psychologists, academic instructors, or other professionals
    • Roleplay exercises for adaptive language and behavior
    • Roleplay exercises for social pragmatics
    • Support for transitioning from residential facilities to in-home program
    • Instruction for increasing awareness between individual behavior and subsequent outcomes
  • Familial Support

    Through individual and group instruction, Docens provides immersive support for creating healthy family dynamics. Our team provides in-home intervention to improve language and behavior in real-time. Our Docents see their clients through every interaction to comprehensively address both individual and relational habits.

    Services We Provide

    • Behavioral programs for improving individual and relational dynamics
    • Curricula-based skills building
    • Family counseling
    • Marriage and couples counseling
    • Schedules for improving structure
    • Strategies for addressing noncompliance and oppositional behavior
    • Language and behavior substitutions for replacing problematic interactions, attitudes, communication and choices
    • Integrated support in collaboration with clients’ psychiatrists, psychologists, academic instructors, or other   professionals
    • Role-play exercises for adaptive language and behavior
    • Adjustment support for transition periods
    • Support for transitioning from residential facilities to in-home program
    • Instruction for increasing awareness of relationship between individual behavior and broader dynamics
    • Strategies for improving marital bonds
  • Nutritional Support

    Behavior dictates nutrition. At Docens, we help our clients to make and sustain healthy dietary goals through healthy behavior. Metrics are used to track progress every juncture.

    Our Docents educate their clients on the fundamentals eating well, while supporting the development of nutritious habits. We see clients through the many challenges of maintaining accountability through immersive intervention, allowing clients to practice adaptive strategies with supervised support. Our team is available all hours of the day and night.

    Services We Provide

    • Daily meal planning and advisement
    • Customized meal plans to accommodate dietary restrictions and medical needs
    • Integrated support in collaboration with clients’ doctors, nutritionists and other nutritional professionals
    • Curricula-based skills building
    • Strategies for replacing poor nutritional habits
    • Language and behavior substitutions for replacing poor nutritional habits
    • Nutritional education and instruction
    • Restaurant and eating companionship
    • Food shopping advisement
    • Role-play exercises for adaptive eating behaviors
    • Support for transitioning from residential programs
    • Instruction for increasing awareness of relationship between mood and eating
  • Young Adult and Professional Development

    We provide the pragmatics you need to thrive in your personal, professional and academic environments.


    Whether our clients are entering or exiting college, preparing for the next monumental milestone or struggling to adjust to an unanticipated change, we provide comprehensive behavioral and mental health support.

    Services We Provide

    • Strategies for home selection and financing
    • Strategies for family planning
    • Strategies for replacing maladaptive habits
    • Language and behavior substitutions for replacing poor organizational habits
    • Social instruction and companionship
    • Strategies for community outreach
    • Strategies for developing organizational systems
    • College preparation
    • Strategies for college application process
    • SAT, ACT and standardized testing preparation
    • Instruction for resume composition
    • Strategies for identifying aptitude
    • Instruction and support for job application and selection process
    • Roleplay exercises for adaptive interpersonal behaviors
    • Support for transitioning from residential programs
    • Instruction for increasing awareness of relationship between individual behavior and broader dynamics
    • Curricula-based skills building
    • Individual and family counseling
    • Budget planning and advisement
    • Integrated support in collaboration with clients’ psychiatrists, psychologists and other professionals